Our Exclusive Smokers Lounge

Puro Humo is located on the corner of Calle Cesar Nicolás Pensón and Avenida Dr. Delgado one block from the Capital Building near the famous Dominican Colonial Zone. Our lounge showcases our complete selection of cigars manufactured by Tabacalera Galiano. Most days you can meet the visionary/owner Jose A. Diaz. During work days from 9am-5pm we invite you to see how our cigars are made.

While here, try some of our Café Galiano hand pick in the mountains of the Dominican Republic and roasted to our liking.

Our bar is always stocked with the best rum’s of the Caribbean and the finest whiskey’s and brandy’s smokers enjoy with their favorite Galiano cigar. The conversation is always vibrant. Come and hang out with us and enjoy your cigar with like-minded patrons.

If you are in the Dominican, come and see us.

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